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Introduction to Liars' Tours
Liars' tours are fun guided London walks involving prizes, forfeits and deceptions. At each stop, alongside some entertaining London stories, members of the tour read out two prepared scripts. One of these is true, the other a highly plausible lie. The audience must decide which is which and, whilst those who spot the true story get a nice token, those who choose the lie have to perform a forfeit loosely based on the story told. These can include reading nursery rhymes, impersonating animals, being a spy and eating cheese, there are as many forfeits as there are stories.
London liars' tours are designed to provide a level playing field for London nerds and novices and the person with the most tokens at the end gets the prizes which are usually collections of London fiction and amusing Thames ephemera. In the event of a tie, there is a penalty shoot-out style "fib off".
London Liars' Tours have featured in the Guardian, Telegraph, Time Out, Sunday Times, Lonely Planet, Londonist and many other places. Based on an idea by Holly Gramazio and developed by Silvana Maimone. These interactive London walking tours are great for work groups, team building and those interested in a more involved London tour experience.
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Tours normally last 90 minutes but some are closer to two hours. Definitely allow an extra 20 minutes if you want a mid- point refreshment stop.
All liars’ tours feature one guide and come with prizes and forfeits. We do vary them to suit different ages as some have a higher quota of adult content than others. Prices include prizes and pub stops (if required) and are based on £12.50 per person but minimum call out of £50 for two people. For most tour areas take groups of up to 20 but we can take larger groups (up to 35) on some routes so please ask about those or if necessary for really big groups we can split the group and run simultaneous tours.
Forfeit footage from the Thinking Bob tour at Waterloo Place 
There are often several different routes around our existing areas, six around London Bridge for example, so please ask about variations that might be possible. We cover most areas along the river from Docklands to Chelsea as well as inland to Fleet Street in the north and Elephant and Castle in the south. In addition we have neighbourhood liars' tours of Camberwell, Brixton, Clapham and Bloomsbury.
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